Help Your Employees Enjoy Better Health

Wellness programs in the workplace are quickly becoming a popular way for employers to help their employees become more engaged with their day to day health, which in turn results not only in lifestyle changes for participating individuals, but significantly lower company health care costs and improved workforce productivity.

We are able to provide you with an innovative results-based wellness program that is customizable to meet the unique needs of your company. Through access to a multitude of services, your employees will have everything they need to jumpstart a new, healthy lifestyle that will create positive change all around.

Wellness Portal
Offer your employees a wealth of health tools and resources to enhance their well-being.

Services include:

  • Online Health Screening - Proactively detect and prevent chronic illnesses that could impact your employees’ lives as well as your medical claims.
  • Physician Lab Upload – Give employees the flexibility to go to their physician for their screening when they cannot attend the group screening. The lab and test results are then uploaded electronically into the participant’s Wellness Portal page and report.
  • Telephonic Health - Health care information, a nurse call line, wellness coaching and advice is just a phone call away.
  • Wellness Coaching - With the support of a wellness coach, participants learn to take a more active role in the management of their own health.
  • Risk Reporting – Get comprehensive reporting capabilities in real-time accessible online 24 hours a day by both the employer and employee.
  • Healthcare Claims Experience Reporting – Receive a comprehensive analysis of the group’s claims over a given plan year.

Individualized Online Wellness Portal
Offering individuals a wealth of actionable health information based on results from our on-site health screenings, NCQA certified health questionnaire and self-reported medical history.

Convenient Health Screenings
Our highly-skilled health and wellness professionals come to your workplace locations to perform accurate, confidential screenings in a timely manner, without pulling employees away from their work for long periods of time.

Personalized Health Coaching
Using evidence-based practices, our health coaches are trained RNs who educate and motivate individuals to make changes in behavior that lead to healthier lives.

Monitor Progress
Comprehensive health and wellness reporting capabilities for members and employers.

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