Total Compensation Statements

Highlight the Value of Your Benefits Package

Do your employees know and appreciate just how much money you spend on them for benefits? Why not take credit where credit is due?! Show them not only all the great coverage you provide, but the amount you spend to make sure they're covered. Sending each of your employees their own individual, personalized benefit and compensation statement does three important things:

  1. It makes them aware of all they are getting,
  2. Shows them your financial commitment beyond just salary and
  3. Helps them appreciate the value and security you provide for them and their families.

Sending benefit statements is a low cost investment with a significant return.

From multi-page customized formats to one of our economical preformatted "generic" options, clients tell us our employee total compensation statements are one of the most effective tools they have for educating employees about the scope and true cost of their organizations' benefits.

Effective total compensation statements typically include a letter from management, a benefit-by-benefit comparison of the employer's and employee's contribution toward the cost of each benefit.

Each statement can be delivered to the employee’s address or can be delivered personally to the employee.

We have a proven process to collect the required data. We then ensure that all the information is precisely accurate and displayed correctly for each employee’s statement.

Maximize Return on Investment
Ensure that employees understand all the components within their package, together with the value of them.

Improve Employee Retention
A statement makes employees aware of the total value of their reward package and so may discourage them from moving elsewhere for a small increase in basic salary.

Low Cost – High Impact
Communicating the value of the benefits you provide is relatively inexpensive when compared to the benefits themselves or the direct and indirect costs of employee turnover.

Improve Employee Morale
When employees understand the true value of their benefits they tend to have a greater appreciation for their employer which often leads to improved productivity and overall a more satisfied workforce.