ProSential Payroll

ProSential Payroll delivers payroll expertise backed by over 50 years of industry experience. ProSential Payroll is scalable to meet the needs of your business. We can design a system around your tech comfort level from a traditional system with paper time sheets to a more technology based paperless platform—the right solution for your business.

At ProSential Payroll “People Matter” is not just a phrase we use but one we live daily. We serve as your trusted advisor and a responsive, caring, and an alternative to large, one-size fits all service providers.

ProSential Payroll — our robust, easy-to-use services platform — combines web-based technology and human expertise. Created with the flexibility to grow with your business, ProSential Payroll is a solution which provides your business with a secure environment and proven processes.

The ProSential Difference

Customer service focused
ProSential Payroll is focused on delivering superior customer service. To us you are much more than an account number—you are a business and a person with needs, deadlines and challenges. Your primary point-of-contact can support you on every product you use.

Solve the complex challenges of payroll and tax filing
Simplify and streamline the payroll process with the power of our ProSential Payroll platform. Automate labor-intensive payroll processes, integrate information from various sources, reduce errors and late filings, achieve a true net payroll, and keep your tax filings accurate and on time, no matter how large or complicated your business.

We know our stuff
At ProSential Payroll it is hard to stump us when it comes to payroll processing. With vast industry experience, we know what to do and when to do it. We are industry veterans and that makes a big difference when you put your payroll in our hands.

Meet your time and attendance needs
With ProSential Payroll, our clients enjoy the widest array of data collection options, regardless of whether their needs are for basic traditional timekeeping methods or “virtual” timeclocks, biometric or card-reading terminals, telephony or smartphone-based punching.

A painless transition
Transitioning your payroll and other employment processes can be an anxiety-ridden, painful process in which many pitfalls exist. A poorly-executed transition can produce poor results, organizational confusion and unhappy employees. Thankfully, at ProSential Payroll there is a proven process to manage this transition for successful results, to help employers and their employees change not just where they look for their critical and personal data, but also how they look for it.