Compliance Support


Advanced Insurance offers a suite of solutions that help employers stay in compliance with the Affordable Care Act and other employer obligations. We help employers understand their company’s compliance responsibilities by giving employer’s the information they need, when they need it. What’s more, we can help employer’s fulfill their compliance duties by monitoring the progress of each compliance activity.

Employers who do not fulfill their obligations under the various laws and regulations expose themselves to a wide variety of fines, penalizes and potential law suits. Advanced Insurance helps you ensure employers are meeting all obligations in a timely manner while minimizing their risk.

What makes ProSential Compliance unlike any other compliance resource? Its multifaceted approach toward compliance assurance for health and welfare plans.

Who Can Benefit from ProSential Compliance?

  • Employers who do not have a dedicated HR staff or have a small staff with multiple responsibilities. Staff members are typically not trained or educated in this aspect of group insurance, and in many cases, these employers are unaware of their obligations and the fiduciary standards to which they are being held.
  • Employers with multiple locations who distribute compliance information from a home office or central location to multiple regional offices. Home office personnel do not always have the time or ability to train regional offices on health and welfare plan laws, nor can they follow‐up and ensure compliance instructions are understood and carried out.
  • Multiple Employer Plans including Trade Association Trust Funds and Taft Hartley Welfare Funds, where responsibility for health plan compliance is often not clearly defined or understood among the various entities involved in plan administration. In many cases, no one is accountable for assuring that compliance tasks are fulfilled or for educating the individual employers on their compliance responsibilities.