How Advanced Insurance Can Help

With constant changes and regularly released guidance, it’s often difficult to stay current on health care reform. We provide timely newsletters, articles and briefs to help you and your employees stay on top of the most recent legislation.

Employer Education

Stay informed with the latest information as health care reform provisions take effect.

  • The Health Care Reform Timeline Chart provides an at-a-glance description of the major health care reform provisions affecting you and your employees.
  • The Health Care Reform: 2014 Compliance Checklist offers a quick way to ensure you are in compliance.
  • Health Care Reform: General Questions and Answers for Employers walks through common questions you might have about health care reform.

Employee Communications

Your employees need health care reform communications that are easy to understand. Advanced Insurance provide just that with articles, payroll stuffers and posters.

  • Health Care Reform: The Who, What and When article takes a look at the major health care reform provisions, when they take effect and how they impact employees and their families.
  • Health Care Reform: General Questions and Answers for Employees discusses commonly asked questions regarding how health care reform may affect your employees’ benefit plans.
  • Health Care Reform: Keeping Your Plan informs your employees about what they can expect in terms of keeping their current health plan and any additional benefits they may see in the coming year.

Notices and Disclosures

Never go searching for a model notice again. We've assembled dozens of government-issued model notices and disclosures all in one place.

  • Model Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice
  • Model Notice of Annual Limit Waiver
  • Model Notice for Grandfathered Plans


Advanced Insurance can provide you with comprehensive presentations to educate your employees on the health care reform legislation.

  • Health Care Reform: Health Plans Overview Presentation discusses the main provisions of the health care reform law that apply to you and your health plan.
  • Health Care Reform: Dependent Coverage to Age 26 Presentation reviews the health care reform requirement that certain plans make coverage available to dependents up to age 26.