Private Exchange

Delivering a Better Employee Experience

The right benefits for employees combined with the right technology platforms to keep data accurate and cost down.

Private Exchanges can present employees with benefits choices and help them make purchasing decisions based on defined contributions and level-of-benefits needs. The right technology behind the Private Exchange can help keep cost down while offering competitive benefit options.

Private Exchange Technology Platform

Leverage an experienced exchange platform and gain confidence and peace of mind.

  • Defined Contributions
  • ACA compliance toolkit
  • Employer tools including reporting, alerts and dashboards
  • Efficient setup and maintenance to handle both initial enrollments and ongoing administration and renewals
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) and web services with numerous carriers, partners and administrators
  • Billing

Premium Products

Premium national carrier partners for ancillary and voluntary benefits, including dental, vision, life, disability, accident insurance and more.

  • Simplified administration: carrier partners have committed to collaborate to offer a streamlined, integrated and reliable "end-to-end" process for enrollment, eligibility and billing
  • Flexibility to feature health carriers on a regional basis

Superior Service

Health exchanges must constantly manage changing information about the consumer and the contributions made on behalf of the consumer by the employer or the government. Our platform has the people and tools to help guide administrators and consumers through the process.

  • Consumer shopping and decision support tools
  • Highly personalized & friendly call center
  • Employer support and tools: to set up your Defined Contribution program, benchmark your benefits, enable easy and secure access to data and more