Personalized Help at the Ready

As the healthcare system becomes increasingly more complicated, it proves difficult to navigate any challenges that may arise, making it almost impossible for employees to improve their health and get the most value out of the healthcare system.

We implement a program that will offer each of your employees their own Personal Health Advocate (PHA), who is typically a registered nurse supported by medical directors and claims and benefits specialists. The PHA knows the ins and outs of the healthcare system to address a range of healthcare and insurance issues efficiently and reliably.

Our Personal Health Advocates can help:

  • Find qualified doctors, hospitals, dentists and other providers nationwide; identify top medical institutions and clinical trials.
  • Schedule earliest appointments with hard-to-reach specialists; arrange for specialized treatments and tests
  • Provide assistance to estimate and understand healthcare costs to help make informed decisions
  • Clarify complex conditions, research available treatment options
  • Resolve insurance claims, uncover billing errors, negotiate payment arrangements
  • Answer questions about test results, treatments and medications recommended or prescribed by the physician
  • Address eldercare issues, clarify Medicare, locate adult day care, assisted living and long-term care; research transportation to appointments
  • Assist with special needs, find caregiver support services, in-home care, rehabilitation resources and hospice
  • Negotiate pre– and post-claim fees for medical cost savings

Eliminate Healthcare Hassles
Personal Health Advocates do all the work; are available for unlimited follow-up

World-Class Support
A highly trained team of clinical, benefits and claims experts are standing by for you

Available anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year

Educated Consumer
Supports more informed, cost effective decision-making

Time & Money Savings
Lowers medical costs; improves health outcomes, productivity and retention. Also reduces grievances, appeals and claims costs

Family is Covered, Too!
Covers employees, their spouses and other family members

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